Banish stinky breath in your furry friend

Banish stinky breath in your furry friend

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, in dogs might signal underlying oral health issues, such as periodontal disease. Around 80% of dogs over three years old struggle with this common problem. But why does your dog have bad breath? Volatile sulfur compounds in your dog's mouth are responsible for the odour. Sulfur producing bacteria break down proteins in the mouth and produce these compounds which can lead to stinky breath. 

A recent study suggested a possible remedy for combating bad breath and enhancing overall oral health in dogs: the black soldier fly larvae diet. In this study, an insect protein diet showed promise in reducing volatile sulfur compounds in dental plaque. Dogs fed the insect protein diet experienced a significant 7% decrease in these compounds, demonstrating the diet's potential to address bacterial growth linked to bad breath and gum disease. This reduction is particularly noteworthy as these bacteria would typically thrive with regular food consumption and no plaque prevention measures, such as teeth brushing, dental chews, or professional dental cleanings.

Furthermore, the insect protein diet positively influenced the saliva microbiota, promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria while inhibiting harmful ones. This dual action not only freshened breath but also contributed to overall oral health. Odour was assessed by a blind panel using an organoleptic intensity scale (the examiner smelled the dog's breath and ranked it on a scale from 1-5). Dogs consuming the insect-based diet presented a lower score for bad breath, with barely noticeable odour

What makes insect protein so effective in fighting bad breath? It's primarily due to its antimicrobial peptide complexes, including fatty acid, lauric acid, and polysaccharides like chitin, which target and neutralize odour-causing compounds in the mouth.

At SNÜF, we're enthusiastic about the potential of insect protein to transform pet nutrition and oral health. This is one of many reasons we incorporate this innovative ingredient into our products, ensuring that your furry friends receive top-notch care from the inside out.

Say farewell to doggy breath concerns and welcome a happier, healthier pup with the benefits of insect protein. Upgrade your furry friend's diet today and enjoy the perks of fresher kisses and improved oral health. 

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