Wondering how to pronounce our name? It's [ sn - oof ], inspired by our founder's pup - Snoofy!

SNÜF is a women-led, Canadian brand combining natural, carefully selected, and intentional ingredients to create pet food that our pet parents, furry friends, and the planet can feel good about.

At SNÜF, we're all about helping dogs smile from the inside out. No fluff, no fuss, just expertly crafted nutrition & smiles!

We are on a mission to provide pet parents with naturally nutritious and sustainable food for their pets, leveraging novel proteins right at home.

We believe loving our dogs is loving the planet, which is why we use ingredients that are not only nutrient-rich, but planet friendly.

We consider nutrition and our planet at every step of the way. From sourcing our ingredients to our business practices, we put
nutrition and sustainability at the forefront.