Black soldier fly larvae (BSFL) are farmed, clean insects produced specifically for pet food. They are rich in protein, as well as, other nutrients, and are known for their unique antibacterial properties. BSFL are harvested in their larval stage, however, adult BSF are non-invasive, and unlike the housefly, they don’t consume food once they reach adulthood.

Like chicken, but better

  • 2x the protein of beef
  • 9x the omegas of salmon
  • more iron than spinach
  • more calcium than milk

The most sustainable protein

Over 25% of the meat produced in North America is allocated to pet consumption, resulting in a massive carbon footprint.

Black soldier fly larvae feed on traceable, pre-consumer recycled fruits, vegetables, and grains which reduces the volume of wasted food going to landfills.

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70% compared to chicken, and reduces land and water use by 90% when compared to chicken.