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Crunch n' Chill - Insect Protein, Chamomile & Ashwagandha

Crunch n' Chill - Insect Protein, Chamomile & Ashwagandha

Ending your day off with some chamomile tea? We've got your pup! Our Crunch n' Chill biscuits are made with 100% natural ingredients; they offer a novel protein source and leave little impact on the environment. Premium insects, oats, blueberries, soothing chamomile and relaxing ashwagandha are slowly baked into a crunchy and tasty hypoallergenic biscuit. The result? A cozy snack for all pups to enjoy!



Barley flour, black soldier fly larvae (protein, oil), oats, blueberries, kelp, apple cider vinegar, organic chamomile, organic ashwagandha

Important to Note

People and dogs with a shellfish allergy may have an allergic reaction if they eat edible insects.

Chamomile and ashwagandha are not safe for pregnant or lactating dogs. 

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